and May. With Floratam's plush wide bladed appearance Floratam St. Augustine … Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustine offers complete weed control and 50% less mowing when compared to traditional St. Augustine like Floratam. Lawns: Scotts. St. Augustine establishes quickly and easily. We are one of the few sod growers that can produce Bitterblue because of it’s poor tolerance to atrazine and other weed chemicals. Compare; Find My Store. for pricing and availability. ft. of sod once established. planted throughout many areas of the Southeastern USA. Water every 3 weeks if it does not rain from now until May. | Pests DOWN SIZE: You should take a look at your landscape and figure out how much lawn space you really need to have. ... St. Augustine | Grass & Grass Seed . ProVista™ has a 40% lower growth rate than commonly used, St. Augustine Floratam, so you can spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time mowing. Allow 3 days for delivery. King Sod Inc specializes in residential and commercial lawn replacement, and the installation of sprinkler irrigation systems. This is especially important if you were bothered by sandburs and/or crabgrass. Note that a second application should be applied in mid-June. Raleigh is a medium coarse, vigorous lawn grass and is the most widely adapted St. Augustine to the Southern U.S. with the exception of Florida. 36 lawn SOD plugs are intended to be planted spaced 15-in apart, and grow together over time, the coverage of these Grass plugs … AUGUSTINE. St. Augustine Grass Types St. Augustine Sod Grass has long been the standard for Turfgrass in Texas. Bermuda. One tray of 18 planted 12” to 16″ apart will cover 50 square feet. Plugs can also be used to spot plant a lawn infested with St. Augustine Decline. Floratam St. Augustine Lawn Plugs - 36 Plugs Plug Shipping Policy: Florida: Orders needs to be placed by 5pm on ... $49.99 36 Count Developed by the University of Florida, Captiva is a chinch bug resistant St. Augustine that requires one-third less mowing than Floratam . Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. FOR THE ORDER TO SHIP THE FOLLOWING MONDAY* The majority of this grass is planted vegetatively as seeds are not usually available Since we ship orders ASAP once they are placed, please St Augustine grass is found in Mexico, Australia, and in tropical Shipment Dates: Our grass plugs ship Although Raleigh requires more water than other grasses, it does an excellent job choking out weeds when adequately maintained and will exhibit a dark green color in the warmer months with sufficient water. Again, apply one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. Have him/her instruct you how to change the watering amounts if necessary. “Palmetto” St. Augustine Palmetto is for full sun to moderate shade. Color. Those who order from the Grass Outlet can take great comfort in our dedication to absolute excellence. It is too early to fertilize. Shade: The Right Plant for the Right Spot. is not only drought resistant it is also capable of withstanding a wide range of soil conditions. availability. Council Growers Sod Farm grows many varieties of turfgrass and groundcover for your yard including EMPIRE Zoysia, Seville St. Augustine, Bitter Blue St. Augustine, Floratam St. Augustine, Celebration … Call (727) 571-1119 today. SEVILLE St. Augustine is a fine-leaved, dwarf St. Augustine. The Floratam strain was developed in the 1970s as a result of two agricultural experiments in Florida and Texas, hence FLOR TAM, and has become commonplace throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Although Raleigh requires more water than other grasses, it does an … Easy to install and maintain. Occasionally shipments may be delayed due to weather issues (heavy rains result in plugs too wet to ship). With this density, the St. Augustine grass plugs will spread at a slower rate and you’ll have to endure a longer fill-in duration for bare spots on your lawn. Contact California Sod Center 7000 Merrill Ave Suite A310 Chino, CA 91710 P: 855-538-5563 Customer Support [email protected] ; Zoysia Grass Types Zoysia Sod Grass is quickly becoming a preferred choice because of its ease of maintenance and stunning appearance. Model #ZOYSPLUG. The machines can be rented or the service purchased. Floratam is an easy to maintain wide bladed St. Augustine. Seville St Augustine Grass Plugs - 2 Trays Our Price: $54.99 . Apply one-inch of compost after the aeration. Halt, Dimension, Crabgrass Preventer, Amaze and XL are good herbicides for the job. After you have mowed real lawn two times, it is time to fertilize the lawn. Choices There are approximately 3.3 pieces of grass per square yard=150 pieces per pallet. During the fall, mowing height should be raised ½ … Saint Augustine grass lawns not handle cold weather very well. CAPTIVAST. St. Augustine. Bitterblue grass is an improved St. Augustine grass that has a finer, denser texture. You should only have to mow every few weeks to control winter weeds. It is a warm season grass that does