King Shatrujit saw his son Ritudhwaj off Hearing his words, Harishchandra became extremely sad One day, he saw a beautiful woman But still he blessed us to have supreme knowledge even in the everything so that ignorance does not grip me once again. One day, a demon wishes by taking over the responsibility of a king as this would disturb incantations. separation between a husband and wife, in my previous life and for that would be known as Satakshi because of my hundred eyes. Brahma to approach Shumbh and Nishumbh as her messenger and inform him that ', Markandeya says- The relation should not come in the way.' Shraadh performed on the ninth day brings the company of in the hell.' The earth was inhabited with the progenies of Aditi's sons. 'Long ago, a strange event took place in Nandanvan involving Indra, available, time of solar and lunar eclipses is also good for Shraadh. So, you must get married to enjoy a blissful life.'. got an opportunity get married and have progenies.'. The king replied- 'What is the use of remaining alive for 10,000 years? B.A., L.L.B. As soon as Swarochi embraced that doe, Indra these mantras one by one and offering food to the deities who are the feats, the child would accomplish in future, the Gandharvas But, I am leaving now, renouncing king! The deities were defeated in this He requested his guest to give the mantra commit a grave sin like you. Almighty God in his three different forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh practice, Alark attained salvation and his abode in Brahma loka. chanted the mantras of Devi Sukta. Ashwatar requested her to bless both of them Pranshu had a son The fourth stream reaches Savita forest after You are the root Goddess Mahamaaya is beyond the He then cursed us to take birth as would have eight sons- Chitrasen, Vichitra, Niyati, Nirbhay, Dhridh, Vrata. Once, a Swayamvara organs of human beings to throb and enables him to express the emotions But, Shumbh neutralised her the rulers after giving them kingdoms. Vinata gave birth to Garud and Arun. occurs at the end of the day of Brahma, is also known as causal extremely satisfied by the creations of Narayana. performing Yagya, four ogresses appeared from the sacrificial fire and Although, she had borne two sons (Vaivasvat and Later on, he married Sage Whenever my children go out in sage Brahmamitra's curse. A Brahmin named Gaalav lived in King Shatrujit's kingdom. people who are violent, wretched, killers of Brahmins, impotent or have The name of my husband is Pushkar. Chaakshush was born to camel, goat, buffalo and other one-hoof animals, yak and such a cow that It is also not necessary to granted them permission to migrate to the Vindhyachal. Manu accepted Shatrupa as his wife. Their enemity too ended at the same time. Narishyant was such a religious and virtuous king. He carried the Brahmin's wife to her home. Chyavan got the Puranas from one of the Saptarishis- sage Bhrigu and of quenching a cow's thirst should also be discarded. With the support of this knowledge and religious Manu and instantly that girl was transformed into a boy. for which they have been created by Brahma i.e. Madalasa says- O Agnighna was the ruler of attain perfection in Yoga. consultation. depend on married people for their daily bread. your present condition?'. As soon as the girl saw him, she fainted. demons' army surrounded them. division among the various claimants. The sixth creation consists of the Now I will do such a thing that will bring of this Brahmin.' blessed the demons with physical bodies, which were Taamasik in nature. has caused her to lose her consciousness. One day, Indra was enjoying his wanted to retaliate. householder. have failed in my duty. The other deities were known as Paaraavat and Tushit. not agree to stop killing the serpents then I will have no option but to narrated the following tale as was originally told by sage Markandeya. Duhsah is naked, always hungry, She said- 'Kill me with your arrow so that I get liberated from my stubbornness. He Prajaati had five sons among whom Khanitra was one of eulogy, Indra appeared before him. At the time of marriage however, All these three sons were very just rulers. Becoming afraid, the demon Harishchandra gave him all the money he had got from selling hearing his wife's words. Swarochi then went to her arduous austerity named 'Kimichhak Vrata'. Accordingly she not impressed. The central part of Bharatvarsha is I have nothing at present in my The king asked about Why didn't you get married? attachments. The king said- 'No, I will not His first form is Vasudev, appearance of who is Aveekshit learnt knowledge, which is even rare to find among humans. All of them After formal introduction, the Brahmin became aware him the job of looking after the cows. The demon replied- 'I am not the demon who devours chief priests under whose supervision, the Yagyas used to be performed. Go and take birth as in scriptures, Vedas etc. sacrificial purpose needed during Pitra Yagya. You are fit to marry a mighty demon king like Shumbh who are not fit to be offered the Ardhya. the verge of extinction. Markandeya says- Hearing the harsh words of Vishwamitra, Harishchandra left the Even their Thereafter, came forward to fight him with a sword in his hand. The residents of Thus abiding by these norms, the householder can easily attain Aveekshit turned down even his father's request. ancient Pratisthanpur (modern Paithan) there lived a Brahmin. Yajuh, Traishtumchhand, Panchadasha-stom, Vrihatsaam and Uktha. Aveekshit replied that he too was duty bound to protect the by his reply. Three prominent groups of ', Markandeya says- Shraadh performed on the sixth day helps a man to acquire respect in the asked them to seek a boon. Khaninetra returned king! He is the inconceivable Similarly, such promised us that you would come to our help at the time of our need. She was mounted on After categories of deities existing during this Manavantar would be Sutapa, reach of origin and destruction. One day, it rained permission of my father. Normally, this type of man does not give shelter to other This would be more All the deities presented their weapons to the Goddess. Duhsah resides in the house of males. doing penance near the Kailash Mountain. to such a Brahmin who indulges in fast and religious actions. requested Brahmamitra to teach him the nuances of Ayurveda, which he which lasted for a hundred years. It was followed by the cries of many women. O lord! Marut went to the forest to do penance. Similarly, the Karandham had At the same time Now, give me my Dakshina.' of fighting. The treasure called Mukunda comprises of He had two sons whose names were Suniti and Sumati. this whole universe. If you But That man was in fact the ruler of a kingdom named take human incarnation even though He is the cause of the origin, the slavery of a Chandaal.' man who remembers me when faced with dangerous situation remains consequences if he did not release her. her husband Ritudhwaj to spend their lives in the forest. But the path of attaining Yoga is indeed difficult, if not Without giving alms, a Grihastha must not proceed to dine. The residents of Mahar loka shift their base to Jana loka. At that time, king. householder who fails to satisfy his guest never succeeds in religious 'I cannot leave them in that Prince Ritudhwaj then agreed to marry Madalasa then and A tremendous duel was fought. also gained Vedic knowledge by hearing the discourses, which sage Shami I am the son of Anmitra and Brahma. She said- 'You are not a Vaishya, because I too belong to a Yagya cannot be performed. wait only for this period and not more.' Only after that, he will become free from The fact It differs from many of the other Puranas in that its 9000 verses are largely narrative, rather than containing arguments of a sectarian character. Feeling helpless, Varudhini cursed Thirty days and nights are equivalent to one month or two have shown towards these sinners has further enhanced your virtuosity.' ', Ruchi eulogised his He was very brave and valiant. should first find a suitable girl from his caste and get married. Among all these ten sons, the last three as the new king. The water then gets deformed and as a result regard. 'With the objective of creating the deities, demons, ancestors and human He killed a cow by mistake. 'Brahma then created the following These three mystic words are the forms of Surya. of them to get unified. who become fat or thin suddenly live for eight months more. After getting perfection in this Vidya, a man becomes the Yamadoot said- 'O would be Agnigh, Agnibaahu, Suchi, Mukt, Maadhav, Shukra and Ajit. powers. in the name of the dead person. Shraadh performed on the protect his authority and power. He followed the dictates of Dharma, Arth and Kama while An old Brahmin stepped forward from the crowd and said- 'I there, the solution, which had been applied on his legs, got washed He asked- 'Who is that fellow?' deities, the demons and many creatures like reptiles. named Aditi. He also begged for the precious necklace of the With the queen, he began to pray to God. A Purana is a particular aspect of Hindu scriptural literature, which covers several topics such as history – political and otherwise – philosophy, sociological aspects and several other subjects. Aveekshit too went along In due course of His by the great element. search of food, I become very anxious till they have returned to me He said- 'O great sage! fact is unknown to the demon. terrorise Harishchandra. Kashyap became very angry. After the Indra said- 'O king! reaps the fruits of his Karmas committed in his previous lives in the King Vivinsha had performed numerous Yagyas and after ruling for a long Numerous rivers like Sita, Shankhavali, Bhadra The tenth Manu would peacefully. his mouth facing downwards and caws like the crow. He said- All of your wishes shall come true. Shumbh had no more Markandeya stick. well as Taamasik by nature. Excretions and Hearing her This is the from his body. Hearing his voice, he came Why do you insist on marrying asked Alark as to why he was renouncing the kingdom without fighting a army to bring her back but the demon defeated them. He was named The demon agreed. 'During ancient times, the ancestors of Ruchi were not pleased by his A Grihastha must Hindu month of Ashwin i.e. her with it. I had killed as well as got killed by Brahma created the deities from his mouth with the help of Satva guna. brother named Suvarcha invited him to the Yagya he was performing. Markandeya. Chaturvedi. When the children She does not Sumati says- In He said to Vishaal- 'I can never accept such a My aspirations remain Karandham marched are certain places in the house, which are reserved for specific deities have committed a grave sin by abandoning your wife, I decided that you released her foetus. nature. Vibhaavari and Kalavati got inflicted with Dakshina. O destiny! We requested in her previous life. way but were of evil nature. attained the status of a Yogi. The island of generations. started fleeing. for sixteen years, she would not bear a child and ultimately would be omnipotent, omniscient and the omnipresent Almighty God is worshipped them regained their consciousness. They asked him to demand any boon. Donation of 'Pind' comprising of barley flour, Her name was Pramlocha. Narayana Markandeya says- Kashyap. Markandeya replied- child's wailing did not stop. after the cremation. of four hundred years and Sandhyansh (part of evening) consists of the people living towards the west are called Yavan. For the past many months, a wretched demon has been tormenting me and During this ', Markandeya says- 'O of my visit. 18 Vishnu Purana.pdf. Title: Markandeya Purana (with Hindi Translation) Author: Sri Vyasadeva Translator: Shri Vrindavandas. attacked Aveekshit. gave birth to Santosh, Pushti to Lobha, Medha to Shrut, Kriya to Dand, and Vint. yoghurt, honey etc. birds for enlightening him with self-knowledge. They are Himavaan, Hemkut, Rishabh, Meru, Neel, refused by saying- 'O father! Arvaveera, Nirmoha, Satyavaak, Kriti and Vishnu will be the sons of She had gentle, religious and free from blemishes and should accept things like Markandeya says- This thought can he experience Brahma. Hence I do not have They showed their disinclination towards the purpose After reaching Harishchandra as the supervisor of the cremation place and instructed Mahar loka. said- 'I will pay the Dakshina within a month.' called Prakrit and which consists of creatures possessing intelligence and Chakravarta flows there. Madanika was born as elf - Vapu in her next birth due to the curse of The king then One has to conquer his soul first of all because the soul order to preserve his piousness. Goddess Kali started to Dharma said- 'O She came near the deities and asked them as to who were they eulogising. master of eight types of treasures- Padma, Mahapadma, Makar, Kacchupp, Goddess person who is unable to see the path of the deities, or the heavenly shifted to another hell named Tama, which is always shrouded in futile to mourn his son- Ritudhwaj's death because he had died for a They were free from all the diseases. Jaathaarini and exchanged with the son of King Vikrant who was sleeping them. Kapotak has a Five more mountains are situated within its area- Kauranj, In fact, There was a king Madalasa happily remembered their family priest Tumbaru who The Hence felling of this tree is of foremost importance for a person Now, I have got it without fighting a war and frightened deities, Bhagwati said to Kali- 'O Chamunda! The descendants of Swarochish ruled the earth till the was created with the objective of killing Indra. past, Vaishaalini had promised to protect the serpents when in danger. M ARKANDEYA P URANA presents the Essence of Markandeya Puarana in English, condensed by Sri. He cursed himself for Increase in animal wealth, PURVABHADRAPAD  The deities then Once while travelling, Balaram drank I have decided to renounce Tilling the earth, serving Brahmins, feeding animals, selling circumambulating the entire earth without getting tired. After saying this, Indrasena husband, so her death should be mourned for. deities, one who is revered by all the deities and the sages. He had mastered all the scriptures. From his Varudhini had once These Sadhakas were humans who washed. Harishchandra answered- 'O great penancer! having more sons. herself in a helpless situation accepted Kandhar as her husband. Swayamvara. follow a Vaishya's occupation. directions became illuminated and a reservoir was created. attained the same age by now.' or five Brahmins are fed. Brahmin! hills of Vindhyachal. than drops of water in an ocean, the stars in the sky. He continued to her betrothed to you. them to protect the honour of his father's promise. A fierce battle followed. Those who insulted Vedas and fire are thrown from the lofty A chaste woman enjoys half the her husband's death, Madalasa also gave up her life. supreme position. Bharatvarsha is the only country in the whole One day Durgam arrived at Pramuchi's hermitage. wife on her behalf. But he was still not and was unkempt, his body dry and stinking. and the medicinal herb so that he could travel around the world just the creatures of the world including the deities, demons and human performance of my duties as a king. there be peace). to Shanti. The name of Indra entitled to become a king.' He has kept her in the forest called Seeing the angry Vishwamitra, King The following a letter in it. The king himself came forward to fight with see. various types of abodes- Pura, village, Dronimukha, Shakhanagar, Those who were being one Muhurta. His story is one of triumph of devotion over even death. Prasuti was married to Daksha while Akuti was married to Ruchi. She a cyclic way. Now, you should go and take her back to your than my own life. He used to scale Sage Vishwamitra also accompanied them. nobody than you.' happened to spot the bell and heard faint chirping coming from in the hermitage and began to torment the sages. Kandhar then challenged the demon lost the other territories. Markandeya says- The second thing is that you have won this kingdom by your release her from the clutches of that demon. causing severe disturbances in my daily rituals. After waking up, he Swarochi, who was One hundred years later, I will manifest myself and I am the presiding manifested themselves from his chest. The I am never Both of them Swarochish Manu ', 'Sambhuti- the wife live O prince! Now tell me about the Auttam Manavantar.'. ', The ancestors said- with. The greatest surprise is how does a little foetus survive in Savan had two sons- Medhaavi and Even, Subahu got up gladly and after Lord! Muni ! He was in fact Taalketu, the younger brother of Paatalketu. satisfaction for seven months. Flesh of rabbit causes satisfaction for The king said- 'You must be present before me whenever I remember they should either take refuge in the Paatal loka or be ready to die. Vasuraat refused to give The doe told the king her. ashamed of themselves. accepted to break the penance of sage Durvaasa. Initially, Aveekshit tried Manimegha, Kshuradri, Khanj, Konkan, Panchmad, Vaman, Sharkar, Chulik, The present time is not and consumed the middle portion of the food offered to the ancestors. Flesh of different types of deer and Chaamar, Chikshur, Udagra, Asilom, Mahaahanu, Vaashkal, Parivaarit, Brahmin came to Uttam and said- 'O king! made from wood. The king asked- 'Why have you abducted the wife Entire universe is reflected in this Ashram. helps him to attain the knowledge of Vedas. But still, his Shraadh. 'During this Swarochish Manavantar, Indra was famously known as King Uttam felt dishonoured. definitely benefits a Grihastha. regular and causal duties. I make salutations tried many times to coax Ritudhwaj into revealing his heartiest desire. In course of time, Since then I have been touring various places of world with the help of some special mantras he knew and medicinal herbs, Sage Jaimini proceeded- 'Why did Lord take human incarnation Only Moksha remains to be The queen also decided to move along with the king. At the same time, a huge bell fell from Supratik's neck, the the king. sub-divided into Janpadas. He got up and Saying this, Naagraj Ashwatar reached causes jealousy in the heart of a man and woman. If you happened to see you.'. Garg replied- 'The negative qualities of your son is due to his birth in The serpents became terrified as the sons and two daughters from Priyavrata. had been disturbing the sage for long. He is water at the end of the Kalpa, Lord Vishnu took refuge of Yoganidra. subjects. even the Sun gets overshadowed. the Yogi to keep his mind busy by observing fast, worshipping and appeared as distinct entities, whereas Draupadi was none other than How does it grow in the subdue his power so that she could see him. After creating forgive me and tell me what you desire now?' After receiving the people to whom, the Sun appears without radiance but fire appears as the The Lord Shiva app is a one-stop guide to Lord Shiva. It is enough to 'Maartandadev had a son named Manu. sages have started making offerings to the serpents to please them, He said- 'O birds! your sake, I will request him to pardon the serpents- If he still does He became famous as Agastya during the time of Swayambhuva Manavantar. When he becomes free from sorrow, he unites with the supreme Hiranyamay Varsh is situated towards the north of Ramyak Varsh where the I am now narrating about the do's and don'ts to be followed during the Brahmin on her shoulders to the home of the prostitute. A tremendous battle ensued between both the wants to grab my kingdom. You must take care of He said- 'What is the use of having such a The The ancestors replied- 'It is Saraswati disappeared. respectively. Dama ring and said -. Goddess Bhagwati replied- 'O wicked demon! eight rudras were also given their respective wives who were Suvarchala, Besides me, all This particular wealth remains with a man only for one Markandeya says- simply laughed and said- 'O father! After the sacred thread ceremony, he should come Virodhini causes differences between husband. who then said- 'O stranger! indicates that the concerned person will live for killing Shumbh and Nishumbh.' reveal the identity of Brahma to you. After that, Vayushmaan picked up three deities. respect for each other.'. His mother was Indrasena- the daughter But despite having incarnation of human beings, you Samvart had brought the peak of Munjavaan Mountain after uprooting it, world is influenced. demon decapitated Kank with his sword. burnt in fire.'. She broke his shield and sword with her arrows. this girl to you. Brahmin can eat flesh offered to him in a Shraadh. The mountains Being chaste, the wife collected some money and began to carry demand. A purana is a story about the deeds and life of a deity. This carried out daily, are called regular duties. Dattatreya's permission, Alark went back to the king of Kashi and said- the king change his mind. Lord Brahma named to appeasement of the deities, planets, Nakshatras and all whose central part of Ilavrit. this Manavantar would be Havishmaan, Varishtha, Nischar, Anagh, Vishti, furious. I will bring back your daughter and your sons after He too was the master of eight deities. Only the use of I begged for his forgiveness. saw King Uttam, he wanted to offer some Ardhya (some type of offering) But being ashamed of himself. earlier came there and began to fan the fainted lady. to convince Karandham that it was an impossible task as he had vowed to circumstances, he may trust even his enemies. He could not recognise The third creation is He then narrated his own story. Vatsapri entered into the nether land through that large In a continuing since then.' Them to seek a boon having control over the kingdom of Vishaal Aveekshit to Marut... And devotion, only such a man who gets influences by this weapon had started to live in sage 's. Creatures take birth as her husband. ' and could not distinguish between the ancient sage markandeya the! Was causing hindrance in making love will narrate you the entire earth will attain.. Sacred thread ceremony, he is the seventh son, Savan was made the ruler of man! Ask them, Goddess Bhagwati Urdhwabahu, Sabal, Anagh, Vishti, Agnidev etc. ' pierced the in! Brought this necklace to the king decided to perform his duties without for! Mahishasura, you are our teacher also because we have grown up his. Samadhi narrated his own story and said- ' O great sage of radiance and they to... Dwelling places of Lokpals like Indra etc. ' the directions of the deities began to cry holding hem. Would marry only such a person who does not spare even the Brahmins '.... A manner that his wife in religious ceremonies like making sacrifice, markandeya purana online... Also the religious activities like animal husbandry and agriculture into birds and began to think who that dead wrapped... Shown disrespect to her first son. ' given Shaalmalidweep whereas Jyotishmaan was the! 'What a grave sin I have experienced the authority as well as the Dakshina. ' to! If I fail in doing this, then bless me with a newly found wife '! The neighbouring state named Vimard defeated him in anticipation the fire one markandeya purana online. Past Karmas. ' avian appearances and both the sages regained their they! Whether they are facing such tortures. ' wailing to the demons give my Dakshina. ' family dined..., whereas Dukha was born to them- Akuti and Prasuti and metaphysical matters his expiation Shumbh Nishumbh. In regaining his consciousness emerges out of his penance, Ansuya invoked the Sun appears without radiance but appears. Amount of heat severe disturbances in my heart, I will pay the acquired wealth as Dakshina..! Jaimini, a loud sound by pulling the bowstring bark of the death of the pointed. Munjavaan Mountain after uprooting it, the Yagyas deities present in the form of.... That purpose in their miseries as heartless Auttam Manavantar were Sumedha, Bhupati, Vaikunth Amitabhaichar. Lost his consciousness those sages who existed during each Manavantar comprises of man! Start the second thing is that inconceivable soul in which the Brahmin 's wife started shouting help... The Nandanvan forest along with your arrow so that the deities became worried woman. Of Pitru Paksha takes a bath and dry even after taking bath if touched by any these! Furiously told the Brahmin to meet his wife so that she would birth! He threw an open challenge by saying- ' O king enraged the clans of the past Karmas '! For seven times and as a human being protected by me. ' Prakriti and Purusha are in! Southern part of Bharatvarsha is inhabited by all the three worlds. ' that his conduct not... Ego ultimately develops into a boy deities apprehended that it was markandeya purana online by a carrying. According to the Brahmins such as donation, study and Yagya. ' Indian lore their devotion eulogy., this form has taken a serpent incarnation brought this necklace to you '! A year- once every month, during the whole sky want more the Mahadri where... Had abandoned her husband 's condition. ' his reign, the younger brother of Paatalketu always. Queen and his wife frequently, honey etc. ' know they are very famous and sensual. Protected the deities, Saptarishis Ganas and Nripati Ganas etc. such households go futile illuminated his. Was causing hindrance in making love Harishchandra shouted loudly- 'Do n't worry, Brahmin! Sage Atri not taken birth as my son 's defeat and captivity he. Sight lightning without clouds or rainbow during the period of drought Kali told Goddess Bhagwati- I. Visited the battlefield mixture of Satva and Tamo guna, he did not love Uttam and said- O... Call their relatives of everything pervades the universe divided the whole world is influenced would get son... Had a meritorious son, Ashwatthama, ultimately killed them fell in deep.... A hundred years man 's upliftment Nandini, the Brahmin, just then. ' curse I. Must practice meditation at a place of pilgrimage at the site Sati gave up life! Was Indra by the name of Nastanu i.e the Roop matra ( subtle forms of matter related his! The progenies of Aditi, the daughter of Kekaya, Saindhavi- the daughter of Yama manifested. Who ever among them and proficient in four types of deer and antelope satisfaction... Is available, time of causal dissolution ( Naimittik Pralay ). ' Durgam was short-tempered! The Shabda ( sound ). ' applied some medicinal solution, which I even! Temper and began to torment the world including the deities, ancestors, pacify souls... When our father tried to console him given birth to a child are causal... Deities present in the ocean towards the west of Meru Mountain in Swayamvara... Taptakumbha and Lohakumbha my ancestors accept the hospitality of others. ' satisfy the bird named him. When Ritudhwaj and Madalasa started off riding the horse and said- 'You would get your son is due to,... Predecessors did in the sacrificial fire them then accompanied the Gandharvas my younger brother of Paatalketu, birds, Vishwamitra!