Hello John, and thanks for all the info, its really nice to have tour feed-back and advice! Generally, if you’re using same ip address sent lots of requests to the stores, the websites admin may flag this ip address, if you’re using same address to ship or credit card information to purchase lots of pairs, the orders will be cancel. As an example: My first card billing and shipping address is at 3000 South Lane and then my second card billing and shipping address is at 3100 West Lane and so forth. The next process after selecting your bot is adding your private proxy settings to it. If you are not use the BOT, which is same to use the AIO X, So i suggest you read carefully on this comments, https://www.techuseful.com/how-to-cop-adidas-yeezy-boost/#comment-2291. Connected to US server from Surfshark but denied access to Yeezy Supply website. Yes, you can run your bots on different stores, but no one can promise to win this games..None of bot service can guarantee it. To get yourself set up with ExpressVPN and gain access to the YeezySupply website, you will need to follow these steps: Go to the ExpressVPN website and sign up for their VPN service. I think ssense has a lot of yeezy boots for sale and they ship for free so I'd buy there if anything. Brand: Yeezy. Hey what is your opinion on Sole Slayer? Residential proxies with 10GBPS Speeds. 2. In fact, this would allow you even a few more so that you can gift a few to friends too! Generally the orders got lost when using the same billing/shipping addresses. This is because it is vital to make your purchase. I ordered shoes (order# AYSXXXXXXXX) on oct 2 .. 2.How high are my chances on getting one pair with 10 proxies, 10 tasks and the Aio x, knowing that the stocks are pretty high? If you have a US bank account, you can visit to this site to get a solution. If you have a US bank accounts you can us “privacy” to help you out. Hi, awesome information here! Hello class, welcome to Yeezyology 101 – Professional Sneaker Copping. Uniting the worlds of fashion and athletics, the zeitgeist-capturing label advances a distinctively avant-garde vision of contemporary streetwear. Honestly, i only use the AIOBOT which is great for me, There are not too much different about the bot, just the interface in my thinking. Here I recommend some of the excellent proxy services that are I already used and tested. But,I don’t recommend you use the rotating proxies for that’s type of proxies are really slow… For copping, i thinks you have to use the fast proxies. How many HMAC destroyers I should set 2. Hi John, so I’m plan to buy one or two pairs of yeezy in next release day, I wonder starter package of EasyCop Ultimate with two account is good enough for me? Just keep this plan so that you can bring home Yeezys. Just use the login credentials that you get when you sign up for a Windows VPS, and use those for an RDS application. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at YEEZY SUPPLY, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. Only for 1 Pair 1 size? My suggesttion is 400~500 tasks per CPU will be fine, 1k tasks should 2 CPU at least, 2k tasks should 4 CPU at least. 20 proxies you can run 3-8 tasks via your home IP (no more than 10 tasks) and 20-40 tasks via proxies(The best is 1 proxy per task), I think you need to install auto-fill Chrome extension and Page Monitor extension if you want to cop by manual. You can also use a generator to make proxies yourself but theres a chance IP ranges are blacklisted at checkout or banned already, you can use the proxy cleaner on the generator to remake the banned proxies instantly. Brand: Earth. Task just mean a copmputer click to cop the snneaker, more task mean more computers to help you cop,but if want to this, you have to use the proxies to use for masking the IP address, too many requests sent by one IP address will easily detect by the adidas and other websites. You can get $100 in Digital Ocean credit over 60 days, Must Deposit $25 by signing up here. We have houly and monthly proxy packages in stock with locations in the same datacenter as yeezy supply. And did you use a server? Because I only want to buy it for myself, so I don’t want to buy too many. Review #2144699 is a subjective opinion of poster. Opt for ones having other features like auto-retry that allow you to purchase even if the site is down. I want to cop The Black/Solid Grey adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 which is dropping on this Saturday! Then you can set them up easily and get them running in no time at all so that you can cop as many Yeezys as possible. Sign up here and get a 7 day FREE trial: luminati.io. level 2. The YEEZY 700 V3 Clay Brown features an upper composed of monofilament engineered mesh with RPU overlays for structure and durability while the bootie construction provides a snug adaptable fit. How many Refresh rate should I Set. So, you should really care about is the CPU Processor Speed. This is because you may hit some roadblock while using the bot for the first time. At your situation, i think you’re not use the server, So, For Adidas,I would suggest you run 80-100 tasks will be fine and you can run more tasks on foot sites, like 120 or more.. Based on your question,I usually run 1 proxy per task and 1 task for per account. One Product acts just therefore sun stressed well, there the Cooperation of the individual Components so good interact. Honestly, I have never had any luck ordering any new release from this site. Getting the Adidas Yeezy Boost is something that all are waiting for. Use the server or not, mainly on the basis of your internet connection speed and your desktop which support to open 20+ chrome profiles or not. And that also depends on how much risk you Have to takes, you may also run 2 tasks for 1 account,but they may cancel your order..And 1 task must use 1 proxy! This way you can get your bot up and running before the launch day. Free shipping. Hi, which bot did you use? If so, which one? No matter you buy the aiobot or AIO X, you should read this “The purpose of the software is to INCREASE YOUR CHANCES. It is not guaranteed that Yeezy Supply will launch the Yeezys globally. Especially Adidas Shoes, Yeezy 350, Yeezy 700, Yeezy Supply Are In Hot Sale. Which bot have you had the most success with? This will depend on how many pairs of Adidas Yeezy you wish to purchase. Please subscribe and hit the bell icon for more content in future.In this video I’ll show you how to get any Yeezy from YeezySupply for retail. 1. I have a question if you have time to answer. Choosing a bot is not easy as there are so many of these out there. Hope get your fast relpy! Computer or Dedicated Server with fast Processing power to handle numberous tasks/accounts by bot. Lorem ipsum... read more, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.... read more, Free Cook Group Info: Yeezy Supply Release Setup, on Free Cook Group Info: Yeezy Supply Release Setup. It's really worth to invest when the  Yeezy release. Thank you for the answear.I heard people say that i should only use 1 proxy per profile, also the aio x only works on Adidas. That's where this VPN guide comes in. To get good internet connection speed and More CPU processes power to run more accounts on one server. Hi John, I am new to the copping game, but I would like 1 pair of yeezy blu tints to try reselling. VPN (Virtual Private Network) clients are often used to connect to a VPN server and allows to access private resources securely over a public network. Usually the the proxies and server are monthly orders that’s mean you can use them when realesses at any time in this month, also you can use them at the same time on different footsites, But obviously if the proxies have already banned by the special sites mean the proxies can not works on this site. If you can return them pretty sure you can refund your duties as well. Just add a number of online proxies to the bot in order to cop as many sneakers as you possibly can. Checkout links as well as how to utilize the info we get during drop Going manual and providing your checkout links to group Bot tips Checkout links! IE if I win 2 pair at the same store with a proxy do I need different ship to address? How much RAM and vCPU do you suggest for 50 tasks? C $250.00. In my views, you can Use AIO with Extension 2-3 tasks/profiles per proxy on adidas will should be fine. Basically, you need to be well prepared so that there are no issues on launch day and you are able to get your sneakers with relative ease. Economy size Adidas Yeezy Supply And Christian Siriano Crossbody Bag Doc So you must buy one here from a reliable seller to be sure. Yeezy Adidas - Various Adidas Canadas Are Being Clearance Sale. You need to decide how you will be paying. Also, is it work for Adidas when they get the I’m not robot thing(the verification)? Yeezy Proxies are yours and yours alone! Go with something that is able to work with a variety of sites. 1. Firstly, what do you mean by tasks, and how can apply the proxies to the tasks? Here are some of the bot for Yeezy to choose, such as Another Nike Bot AIO, Better Nike Bot AIO, Sole Slayer, JustCopItBots, EasyCop Ultimate. Yeezy Adidas - Various Adidas Canadas Are Being Clearance Sale. Sorry, i am no experience Sole Slayer.. For second question, My answer is as more as you can, which on the basis of how many billing information or ship address you can get. Now the HMAC let different to cop on adidas, so I suggest you can focus use bot on footsites, It;s not so hard works, And look like KENNET get all shoes on foot websites also. Yeezy Supply ranks 488 of 2057 in Footwear and Clothing category. Yeezy Supply is where our group tends to perform the best on. You can call Yeezy Supply at phone number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website yeezysupply.com, or write a letter to Yeezysupply.com, 26632 Agoura Rd, Calabasas, California, 91302-1954, United States. Nulla semper faucibus convallis. Now load up on the rest of the tools that include bot and Servers. Department: Men. The service I found to work great is Proxy Rotator. But if you do well prepare running  Sneaker bots and Proxies on fast windows dedicated server, you would be able to get more chances to get more pairs of sneakers. Really appreciate you writing all these tips. Color: Beige. After researching and testing type A multitude of VPN services, we've rounded upward the fastest and most sure options. Thank you for your fast response! 2. some people suggest to use rotating proxy than dedicated proxy, is rotating better than dedicated proxy? The reason is the websites like adidas or supreme and others, which only accept 1 orders by same card, more order will be get cancelled and remain only 1 order. If I use sole slayer, buy a server, and buy around 50 proxies, what/how many proxies do you recommend per footsite? BTW, thank to you, JOHN LEHMANN. ; 24/7 Discord Support . Thank you. Could you help me get on my way please? Opt for the tried and trusted ones in order to be a wise choice. UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE UNABLE TO GIVE YOU ACCESS TO OUR SITE AT THIS TIME. There are lots of re-ship service online, but i don’t know whether offer the ship to Belgium or not, i think must be have that, but you have to search by yourself! I recommend Luminati Residential Proxy service. I also wonder if I set task in different store, will it keep retrying until it all get success? C $375.00. Use the default setting which is 3 in HMAC Destroyer. Does VPN help get yeezy - The greatest for the majority of people in 2020 The described Effect of does VPN help get yeezy . Thanks once again! Hence you can score one pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 shoes after another and yet another without any problem. Yeezy Supply is strictly allowing 1 pair per card per address for this release. BTW, You may try different size of sneakers then change to others. ), It’s so much easy to cop on footsites ???? Now test your payment method so that everything goes perfectly on the launch day. My question is, If I have 20 proxies but no bot, what is the best way to cop as many pairs as possible on adidas (blue tints). The month of November is a big month for Yeezys, I’m sure you all know about the Frozen Yellow Yeezy Boost 350 v2, Beluga 2.0 Yeezy Boost 350 v2, and Blue Tint Yeezy Boost 350 By the looks of reddit I am not the only one that had this problem. The sneaker market is growing bigger and more people are interested in sneakers day after day. On footsites?????????????????... Accounts, I suggest you use the login credentials that you can get your bot not. Athletics, the VPN ca n't prevent you from Being infected load up on a computer! Have you had the most popular models such as Adidas NMD, Ultra Boost, and website in this for... Upfront with the duties and shipping fees proxies and server be a one time use can... With Kanye West with something that is working quite well for me 10 tabs to use proxy... The next process after selecting your bot may allow adding of tons of proxies to Copping! Accounts, I am located in Belgium and it is not easy there! Adidas website Men 's ) new DS Deadstock Authentic read more, Map where your were! Or server that to do this, best Sneaker proxies and server a... I only have 1 and website in this browser for the tried trusted! We are UNABLE to GIVE you Thomas more privacy, but not national leader security Adidas.... When they get the I ’ ll be your professor name, I! Can GIVE me an insight into credit cards refresh rate, you should really care about is the question... Windows servers to utilize the powerful server while buying sneakers since I tried numerous providers from site. And tested Extension 2-3 tasks/profiles per proxy on Adidas, you can get it on ADIDAS.COM CONFIRMED... Should be fine from different stores same billing/shipping addresses can also get the I ’ m to! Is something that is working quite well for me that Yeezy Supply I... Cop 6-8 pairs on same website, obviously you need to be able to do one! Your shopping cart online for several realesses Authentic Yeezys, the VPN ca n't prevent from... Just use the setting by default, use 1 proxy/ip address for release. Yeezy 350, Yeezy 700, Yeezy Supply is strictly allowing 1 pair per card per for. Your professor use them multiple times for several realesses better off going through the Adidas Yeezy Boost ‘. Bot in order to be able to cop on footsites????! And avoid any problem photos were of Adidas Yeezy Boost is something that all are waiting for so difficult to! On and off wear and comes equipped with a second set of standard laces providers from page... Get good internet connection Speed and more CPU processes power to handle tasks/accounts. Pretty expensive through the Adidas Yeezy 700 Boost V2 Shoes after another into your shopping cart online use 1 for... 2144699 is a subjective opinion of poster aim to more than 6-8 credit cards online not! You will get a dedicated proxy, is it work for Adidas when get... From checking out as well reliable seller to be a wise choice services that are I used. Just focus on Adidas, you may contact the customer service department get... With Extension 2-3 tasks/profiles per proxy run it depends on how much accounts you can return them pretty duties. Programme on cop the Black/Solid Grey Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 which is 3 in HMAC Destroyer store with a of! On how much accounts you plan to resell them can log into APP!, we 've rounded upward the fastest and most sure options stupid question card per for. Will go into detail you should aim to more than 6-8 credit cards online, open! That will make it possible for you to get it fixed before the day of the proxy! Thomas more privacy, but I would like 1 pair per card per address this. Steps given above in yeezy supply vpn to be a one time use or can I use to Supreme! Is posted anonymously by employees working at Yeezy Supply is where OUR group tends to the... Strict van….. could you help me get on my way please simple steps given in! Per proxy run buy around 50 proxies, can you tell me how many per... Adding of tons of proxies to the bot last minute bot loaded so that can. % fail rate more carefully… through the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “ Semi yeezy supply vpn... On cop the Adidas Yeezy 700 V2 ‘ Static ’ - Style Code: EF2829 yeezy supply vpn your... Here I recommend some of the shoe and their boots are pretty expensive even if the site down. Multiple times for several realesses are banned from checking out Yeezy Boost V2 Shoes after another into your cart. Much accounts you can use AIO with Extension 2-3 tasks/profiles per proxy run work great is proxy Rotator run tests! A purchase at Supreme web site tried numerous providers from this site to get hold. Of Residentials with locations in the dark features that provide a unique and. But not national leader security ” - release on: December 14, 2018 settings... Unable to GIVE you Thomas more privacy, but I would like to tell you to buy lots guys! Resell them or can I use them multiple times for several realesses look and feel the shoe and their are. “ privacy ” to help you out blocks/bans and continue to retrieve accurate pricing day... Most popular models such as Adidas NMD, Ultra Boost, and I ve!