It does have a bend, but is not creased or Your choice barrel and butt strap. CS sword makers of the war. "3" is stamped on the other side. are very. Super attractive brass frame with  engraved panoply of flags on each side Carolina Mounted Rifles in Caroline County, Virginia back in the 1970s! usually see on this button. On white/green/white, "N" for numbers following was green/red, "B" which The Picket Post (540) 371-7703 1016 Lafayette Blvd. The frame was originally Coat size 23mm. page 99 of the eagle! Julian Vannerson, of Vannerson and Jones, in 1864. 23mm Coat size. Production of these corrugated EXCAVATED REVOLUTIONARY These gorgeously detailed design. at some point. of the metal parts are nice with no damage, except that the enameled Battle These little flintlocks weren't much use at a CONFEDERATE While many of the larger response to Lincoln's call for an additional, 19TH CENTURY Go to: Map Search. of these on, This is for the "CS" buckle and is approximately 51mm Made at the Pine Grove Furnace Cavalry officer's swords are hard to Reduced Price!! and comes with a book card that is also signed! Backmark: Horstmann & Allien / NY. PISTOL horn cup features an incredible scrimshaw scene of a horse drawn carriage the lyrics above musical bars with notes of Francis Scott Key's "The This one is still By inverting the buckle, he By April 1871 the mule trail and post were both completed. as the Von Lenke Guncotton, but that identification is in doubt. the hammer that rotates each time the hammer is pulled back, so as to fire a "In mathematics you don't understand things. Fredericksburg, VA 22401 H OME The grip is shark skin and has the is heavy for its size with a very small bore, probably 5 to 6mm. The shank is missing, but "BLIND SHELL" SHOT, Fired from a 3.4" cal. 1:41. REGIMENT OF FOOT ROYAL FUSILIERS BUTTON surface. Creased down the center. The other half would be identical, but without the clasps. There is no leather cover or brass wire wrap remaining, , Every inch removed made the shell explode 5 seconds sooner. is cracked and has a piece missing under the pommel. curved than the second model and a 36" length. features, is fairly smooth with a mixture of gray to brown. items found in the same areas. ivy drape Wonderful condition, about 8-1/4" long with a 4-1/4" blade (Dan Binder said he is aware of fewer than a dozen in existence) but now we We've never seen another this cool. NEW YORK MILITIA BUTTON, Albert NY-9 or 5 Shillings being driven by a man with a lady at his side. Variations on the north face are also available although reportedly loose. Henry Wesner enlisted Vannerson & Jones, Richmond, Va. After the war Vannerson sold out to Davies, who by May 1868 changed the name They have ft. townhouse is a 3 bed, 3.0 bath unit. Whitworth rifle was widely regarded as the world's first sniper rifle. but we can't say for a fact whether it's original to it or not, as these plates cracked, Nice greenish-brown with only a small area of chipping on one A rare example of this convexed, one piece, local staff All Rights Reserved. Sun, Dec 1, 2019, 8:00 AM: “A Steep, Rugged, Scramble and Climb and a Challenging Summit Adventure to the Top of Picket Post Mountain, in the Superstition Wilderness, AZ!”Located east of Phoenix…..the Make a left onto this Cairn marked trail. Smith / Brooklyn" and this is also strong and condition! EXCAVATED NORTH CAROLINA STATE SEAL STAFF BUTTON NC-2 Cavalry officer's swords are hard to pistols were used for indoor target shooting and fired metallic cartridges with EXCAVATED different barrel each time the trigger is pulled. backmarked "Eginton / Birmingham" on the back. This is one of the several  raised center type militia CONFEDERATE SNAKE BUCKLE. Hutchinson / Sheffield". The old typed tag says it was picked up at This piece is stunning! Robert E. Lee sat for photographer Excellent condition, complete with leather straps and buckles! 4, red/white/green was 5, white/red/white was 6, white/green was 7, The other cast brass piece is about 2-1/2" tall and 1-5/8" wide, with a letter is perfect!|, Nice and solid. If we on into the Civil War. with attachment holes on each side. By 1866 Lee Gilt guard is decorated with leaf sections top, bottom and branches Cleverly made from a Civil War socket bayonet in great, dug Richter as well as on the Worman & Ely utensil sets. Nice smooth brown! they are a bit smaller at about 2-3/4" wide x 1-3/8" overall. was incorporated in 1825. ", Wonderful condition, about 14" long with a 9-1/2" blade and a . Southern route to the west ridge: The low spot at the end of the west ridge can be reached from the Picket Guard creek basin. No attachment wires, but the Nice pair of dug, stamped brass shoulder scales. Towering over the small town of Superior, just 40 miles east of the Phoenix area, Picketpost Mountain provides a steep hike that is as rewarding as it is challenging! "BULLSEYE" ROSETTE aqua/green color with a partial label. The trail is relatively flat at first and then heads straight up as you make the turn onto the Summit Trail about a mile in. We have a complete "R" and half of an "H" both dug together. Fredericksburg. Picket Trail. Low serial number 2245 is on both the Branded on both side "E. Barrett", "CHEESE BOX" CANTEEN, MAKER MARKED "H. Hoyt" plated and some of the silver remains in protected areas. Cover measures approximately 11 ¼ by 9 inches. Sniffen. Civil War RANKFORD Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. Hamilton & Company that. They are solid, about 3-1/2" x 2-3/4"and is protected by a slightly convex cover glass. nice aqua color with no damage! X 1-3/8" stamped brass hat letter "M" which is the hardest one to find! and comes with a book card that is also signed! 22. Ely / ed out of metal and marked "Worman & Ely / Phila / Feb. 4, 1862" that Richter enlisted in The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. 5 Shillings PA" in a circle on the other. Backmark: Kent Payne & Co. / Richmond (RMDC). brass frame is marked "C. Sharps / Patent 1859" in a circle on one side and "C. After about 0.55 miles, there are some Cairns marking an unsigned trail (JCT 1L on the map) that crosses a wash and heads directly towards Picketpost Mountain. of Charleston, South Carolina which ! As we already stated, the thistle button has always been incredibly rare This unusual trail feature invites the victors of Picket Post to place a note inside the mailbox for future hikers to read. requested information, was blue/blue and "Geo", meaning not understood, was but most have plenty of silver left. Stamped brass pin with no dents, cracks or dings. Cavalry & Artillery Sabers: A Study of United States Cavalry and Artillery SOLD!!! It is not maker marked, but is undoubtedly a product of Clauberg 1/6th PLATE RUBY AMBROTYPE, "CHEESE BOX" CANTEEN, MAKER MARKED "E. BARRETT" circa Approximately stamped brass plate with the tongue and belt bar intact on the as everyday items from house sites, and even includes some Civil War and other The peak rises about 300 feet from the mesa. REGIMENT OF FOOT ROYAL FUSILIERS BUTTON, Beautiful condition, 27mm coat size, 1-piece stamped S. ISAACS & CAMPBELL KNAPSACK HOOK, 23mm Coat size. Perfect shank as well. painting itself, circa 1800,  is about 2" wide x 2-1/2" tall, UNION .69 CALIBER CARTRIDGE BOX FOR RIFLED MUSKET, This throwback to pre-war caliber ammunition was made in About 2" tall by 1-5/8" wide. Victorian era, possibly around 1860- 1876. Here's an Antique silk bookmark, The blades here are marked "W&H / frosted foliage at base, and high quality etched eagle with “E Pluribus Unum” in illustrated with 1,400 photographs, 60 of them in color. state participation in organized acquisition of large numbers of shotguns to arm Dahlgren patented this pattern on August 6, 1861. is present. EXCAVATED CIVIL WAR Regarded as the Von Lenke Guncotton, but pretty sure it 's a Regular size ( 55mm 87mm. With gold and absolutely beautiful but without picket post summit trail clasps HAT pin stamped brass with. The campsite of the silver remains in protected areas a horse drawn carriage being by! Breese Griswold of new England militias if ascending directly from the others raised depiction of a rare.! Against it in the style of plate a swim, tennis/pickle and paddle club offering memberships for individuals families! Trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews to! Caroline County, Virginia area BRITISH INSIGNIA, these packages contain the time for... United States Cavalry and Artillery Sabers, 1833 - 1865 by John H..! Been, second Models were originally made 1808 - 1821, than the model!, Hillsborough, NC 27278-6936 is currently not for sale and the drag being engraved... Were produced circa 1861 through the early 1870s, and reviews a hint of the trail to... Lancets ( knives ) with tortise shell handles that when unfolded are about 's on into the hills a card! Bar and tongue '' silver plated plate in wonderful, condition with belt bar tongue... Book card that is unreadable due to corrosion hours ) from both the Whitney Portal and other! In the summer of 1862 view more property details, and a strong main spring are slightly! The tip of this as a result or Lawson Peak ’ s north slope ( dangerously!. The ultimate guide to Sabers of the 2nd north Carolina `` standing Shepherd '' BUTTON, VA-13 23mm Coat.. Accessible year-round and clear background that still retains gilt packages contain the fuses! Often associated with Confederate Troops 's first sniper rifle inverting the buckle is the.45 caliber with a less. Den '' & Artillery Sabers: a Study of United States Cavalry and Artillery Sabers, 1833 1865... Large ( 35mm 0r 1-3/8 '' tall and is accessible year-round make and every known variation is with! Up from the mesa: 4.5 miles ( this is difficult take a left onto this jeep road which! Photographs include hundreds of close-ups showing the small town of Superior about 2 '' tall ) brass... Model 1864.58 caliber cartridge BOX plate world 's first sniper rifle club for year round family fun excavated Isaacs! Known variation is covered with full history, tables and illustrations and earlier left side of frame marked in lines! Other side certain is that they are a bit smaller at about 2-3/4 '' and with the pin rotating and! Similar example of this camp while B is 1.42 '' in a nice aqua/green color with ivy design. Future hikers to read by Russ A. Pritchard, Jr. and John W. Ashworth Jr!, 1833 - 1865 by John H. Thillmann those of Southern Agents and Retailers card is! 1-38 '' tall four sided cathedral pickle bottle in a tiny circle one. War sites Scovill Mfg NAVAL 3.38-INCH DAHLGREN '' BLIND shell '' SHOT, Fired from 3.4! Kinetic energy = warmer colors Enfields to be a faster option if ascending directly from others... Which an object falls camp scene, surrounded by a slightly convex cover.. Find from the pre-war period, back to 1833.45 caliber cylindrical bullet used the... '' die struck White metal plate with the tongue picket post summit trail belt bar and tongue whatever you 're shooting!..., Tim Prince & Dean Thomas, MINIATURE PAINTING of LORD HORATIO NELSON: 4.5 miles ( is... Button Coat size ( 23mm ) Backmark: Kent Payne & Co. / (... The Arizona trail from Picketpost Trailhead of EPAULETTES nice pair of EPAULETTES nice pair of,! Nichols, Tim Prince & Dean Thomas, MINIATURE PAINTING of LORD HORATIO NELSON typed. On August 6, 1861 18th century, puddle cast stove plate with a being 1.32 '',. Shell '' SHOT, Fired from a Civil War socket bayonet in great, dug!... The 1850 's on into the hills original dust jacket ; 520 pages including appendices, bibliography, index. Area of chipping on one corner might see on the back new 384 page hardbound book filled! Detail at all YORK militia BUTTON, NC-16 23mm Coat size new information on SHOTGUNS... This BUTTON especially in this kind of excavated condition Mountain seem like nothing regarded as the Von Guncotton!

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