Buy fresh roasted beans & let the roaster grind for you depending on how you brew, unless you want to grind yourself what you'll drink just prior to brewing. I bought Maxwell House (original med roast) on sale at CVS. After controlling for variables (water, hangover, etc) I concluded the coffee as bad. After much research I starting buying only fresh roasted beans with a "Roasted on" date (NOT stuff marked with Best By dates OR Exp dates), grinding fresh just prior to brewing and brewing at 195-205 degrees for proper extraction. The Chain brands add tons of fillers and artificial ingredients that should not be consumed. With bad tasting coffee, along w/packaging, I started wondering IF they'd changed what's inside.... messing with the coffee itself. It didn't mix well with the boiling water, and was a total disappointment. We went through a stint a few years ago where I humored him and we drank it all the time. has been causing stomach discomfort on and off also, very sad. Maxwell Coffee use to be the best coffee money could buy. Maxwell house made me feel like I was mildly poisoned or having a serious allergic reaction. Anyone? 20 ($0.06/Count) FREE Shipping. Tea is also on the list. I have searched high and low for coffee that don't make me sick. I have been so sick for the last four days .At first I thought it might be the flu but no one else got sick .Today may stomach just keeps on cramping so then I thought what I'm I drinking or eating that no one else in the house is .well it's coffee so I thought I'll check to see if there was a recall but what I did find was this page thank you for every one that posted .I bought maxwell house on Tuesday because was on sale never again .I just hope the pain stops soon. What gets me is when MH and Folgers was good (for what it was then) I only bought coffee On Sale---$5.00/39oz THEN they reduced it to 34.5oz. It's even Carling perfectly good Coffee-Mate. Whenever Maxwell House instant coffee was on sale I would stock up and buy ten jars at a time, because we drink a lot of coffee. But after researching and finding that a lot of people have been feeling the same effects, I was relieved to know I wasn't going crazy! No stomach problems either. I always have only one cup a day with my lunch. Coincidence? We were using MH ground original for a short and I was having the worst stomach issuer and the coffee was awful,like drinking chemicals. Some days the coffee tastes great - at first but then I can only tolerate one cup where I used to drink two. Quit drinking the coffee and I have had no problems since. Maybe the insecticides or something. Ive been drinking it for 50 years. Robusta beans are pure garbage. No. I have tried in vain to find a replacement coffee. Be well and take care of yourselves, and drink Chock Full O'Nuts. I have drank Maxwell house coffee for many years, and never had an issue. It didnt seem to taste the same since they changed the packaging and it is not as strong as it used to be. I am going to have to change to another brand of coffee next time I go to the store. Might have to change coffee if they don't change back. I then remembered, to try & save money I switched to Maxwell house last summer( I used to only drink Starbucks) I stopped Maxwell house, paid the extra cash for a bag of Starbucks, the rash completely went away in 1 weeks time! Just a general unwell feeling & quick trips to the washroom. But nothing is good anymore. Coupons with verified labels are working for most. I'm only saying that is what it always smelled like. I am hooked, I am ole skool and will not buy anything else unless, my habit gets the best of me. I normally drink Taster's Choice instant coffee. At work, the coffee seems to be okay,and has a very different smell (in container) than my instant coffee does, as a matter of fact, my instant coffee has little to no smell in the container.. My milk is fine my cups are clean I just don't understand why I feel so aweful drinking the instant but feel line drinking the regular coffee.. Prior to that is when quantity went from 39oz to 34.5oz AND NOW they've reduced it to 30.6oz & taken away the handle. Why would they ruin a good product. I will have to hunt down a different brand that not only coffee tasting but arachnid free. Literally. When I go to the store for instant coffee, it.s way up on the top shelf and I am short. I actually thought I might be having an allergic reaction due the odd soreness/tightness in my throat. Right away I did not like the appearance of the grains of coffee so I checked for the aroma. I need to try something else. Will NOT drink this. Two days ago I felt really sick after having my coffee and a bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal. I am at the point now where I am done with them until they change back. It tasted terrible and real bitter. I think I will write them. But then a friend gave me some Starbucks espresso blend to try and I loved it! Smooth, mild, old-fashioned taste! Thankfully I didn’t want any more coffee on such a sour stomach and surprise— I’m feeling much better today. I was convinced I had something serious wrong with me but I think it's just the coffee. You got it, coffee. It is almost instant. The beans are carefully blended and roasted to bring you a delicious beverage that is good to the last drop. after reading some comments, i'm throwing it out. I only tried it again for research purposes now it's going in the garbage after I contact the company. ALL supermarket coffee brands no longer specify ARABICA on the cans--except for CFON "new york style", they ALL now say simply, "100% coffee". I mean, WOW!! I suspected it was related to the coffee and stopped drinking it and switches brands. Opened the first one this morning and immediately my husband and I knew something was very wrong with the taste.It tasted nothing like coffee. I wont buy it ever again! I doubt I'll ever buy from MH again. This is despite using filtered water (as we have always done, cleaning my coffeemaker regularly using vinegar, using unbleached filters (as always). Pulled over and took an emergency Relpax that I keep in the car. Maxwell House Lite is just not like it used to be. Then one afternoon, at mom's house, still with a headache. I came back into my house about half hour after making a cup of MH 100%ColumbianoctaOMG I thought my dog or cat had urinated somewhere. glad I'm not alone here, THE COFFEE STINKS. As they say good to the last drop. These coffees used to taste great, now they taste like poison!! Check the date on the bottom of the can. I recently changed the brand of my coffee;I consume about 2 cups every morning before work to get some energy,but,since I changed the brands,I noticed that I feel unusually sleepy,sluggish and tired,to the point that I feel a need to take a nap immediately.I realized that it the new brand of coffee that I am using,that is causing these unusual symptoms.Coffee bean has an outer core and a center,manufactures mostly use the outer part of the coffee bean,that contains caffeine,whereas the center contains theobromine,which has sedative properties if consumed in sufficient amounts.It is much cheaper for the manufacturer to use the center part of the coffee bean and to market outer layer as more expensive ground coffee.This explains why some cheap coffee brands makes you feel drowsy 15 mins after consumption,once the small amount of caffeine wears off and theobromine kicks in.Buy high quality coffee and it will solve your problem with sleepinees after coffee consumption! Shop Target for Maxwell House Instant Coffee you will love at great low prices. You can get the Also, to the person who said his wife couldn't drink Folger's, same here. Definitely not my imagination. I felt like I had to vomit, it gave me a headache, then I was aching all over now I'm exhausted, as it still has me queazy and lethargic. I had some mild diarrhea, felt nauseous and had some dizziness. New packaging.5 tips to to toilet in one day. same thing here. I too have noticed over the past few months a change in the maxwell house coffee. almost flue like symptoms i would get cold sweats and all. Seriously it smelled like cat or dog pee. I've been a MH drinker for over 20 yrs. Not mild, not medium, not dark, just original roast like in the beginning. ▼. it's like drinking brown flavored hot water. I just threw out a large can of Maxwell House I had purchased recently. Lucky to have local roasters close by. I'm extremely annoyed and now I have to search for a new coffee. Went back to Maxwell house and the headache went away. As Couponxoo’s tracking, online shoppers can recently get a save of Copyright © COUPONXOO.COM 2020 All I got a slight headache. Anyone reading comments here should know not to buy these products—-no telling what’s in those grounds. I'm pretty sure I found a hunk of wood. I used to enjoy the brand, but the smell and the taste is very sickening. I have been drinking this coffee for years but plan to stop now. I can't say what is in Folgers that would be different than any other off brand (cheap) coffee but there is definitely something in it that is bad (for me at least). im sure its at other places its g r e a t take from a old fat truck driver. It's the closest to old time MH I have found. Stopped drinking Maxwell House Coffee & it went away. Store and it tastes pretty bad. More Offers Of Store ››. Smoking is bad, so when Marlboro started putting flame retardant in cigarettes, the company "experiment" igbired consumer complaints on anger feeling/headaches. I rarely drink coffee anymore. I have drank Maxwell House (Dark Roast being my favorite) for 20+ years. It's the best for my taste. I couldn't drink the whole cup. I have had a problem with both Maxwell House and Folgers along with the cheap coffee that they make at the chain fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, Bojangles, Burger King. I just made myself a cup of folgers instant coffee and maybe only two minutes later I am so terribly nauseous and dizzy. It has the worst flavor of anything I have ever drank. It has NO aroma when you open the can...and the taste! There is nothing here about the Instant Maxwell House coffee. Bought the Maxwell House Smooth Bold. During the week I can finish a pot of our coffee at work with no problems (Starbucks Blond Roast). Glad to see I wasn't the only one. I will not drink anymore. 50% on average by using our coupons Since at least 6 months, I have never been able to find a good coffee in the box of 925 gr. I thought I would put this to the test and I am enjoying a cup of it as I type this with absolutely no reaction! I literally wondered if the can I got was somehow contaminated with some-whatever-thing gross and/or poisonous and that's why I started googling to find if this is actually the normal maxwell house flavor. I am not a coffee drinker. Water, coffee and grounds go shooting out of the sides of the filter basket and all over my counter unless I stand right there to catch the flow(s) with plastic cups. Not like normal coffee. (Arrg) If that's the case I'm buying Dunk' Donuts (That coffee is super yummy.) Have a great day!! Almost a vomit feeling as well, but i havent had to. Ohhhhh, don't feel bad... :-( they're ALL doing it! Cheers. I have also noticed that mentally I become foggy and have extreme difficulty performing simple tasks. The problem started again. It smells exactly like cat pee!!! I wil never buy this brand again. I was getting horrible heartburn every time I drank Maxwell house. Maxwell used to make decent instant coffee and was my prime pick during my early university days when I was saving every penny as they had a good taste to price ratio. The last few cans we purchased have been terrible. My Husband drinks coffee. According to everything I have read the robusta bean was responsible for aroma and taste. I went to the sink to throw the coffe grounds away out of my Melita filter and they stunk! It was Kraft and it wouldn't melt. Everytime I drink either Folgers or Maxwell House I later get severe stomach and intestinal pains then diarrhea....for many hours on end. I would like to know where most of it is produced so I know what coffee to avoid. Maximus coffee is horrible. THANK GOD!!!cOb. Have ben drinking Bustelo for months. I have tried several cans and all have been awful. Maxwell House Original Roast Ground Instant Coffee Caffeinated 4 Oz Jar. okay, my husband and i are so glad to have found this message board. I work hard, and big on coffee to keep me going. I have been so sick since switching my coffee to Maxwell House 4 days ago. Then I woke up only to find that it was a terrible dream. I used rich original, but now the bag or can says Arabica beans. I went to the store today and saw a whole new display of MH that says Everyday Roast (or Blend can't remember which).It has a very plain label. Then I started getting the symptoms again and realized I had gone BACK to Folgers C.R. Thanks Maxwell House for taking my last enjoyable coffee away. Even the off brands. What is going on. Saw Maxwell House and bought it, today after 2 cups of coffee my husband and I are both having stomach cramps and diarrhea, miserable! It made no difference. I havn't noticed a change in the regular MH either, and have been drinking it for years. I'm 53 and admit that I was totally addicted. When I first opened it, for some reason it caught my attention how fragrant it was - now I'm suspicious as to whether Folgers is hiding something with an aromatic additive. I will not be drinking anymore out of this container and will be getting the Kroger brand again. Well not anymore. I have been drinking Maxwell House instant coffee for decades but, recently it has been tasting like nasty. thought i'd share because there maybe something going on? I first decided it was the peanut butter even through it was smooth peanut butter, I decided I might have become allergic to peanuts. Fill the office coffee maker with Maxwell House Original Roast regular ground ... 30.6 oz. I drink only one cup of coffee per day. I look forward to my morning coffee. The headache. Like everyone else I was on here just looking to do some research to see why I have been feeling so ill after drinking my recently purchased jar of instant Maxwell House Coffee. I noticed several months ago when we changed brands to Folgers Columbian coffee, that I would get extremely sick to my stomache. I usually use Chock full of Niuts ,Starbucks Dunkin. I'm not. Maybe it's costing less also because the largest container has shrunk in size. The Bitter Truth About Why Your Coffee Isn't Tasting as Good Lately ... Maxwell House Original Roast Instant Coffee 8 oz Jar - My Food and ... Brian Richardson DBA “In Tha Pink” Issues Voluntary Nationwide ... › membership › benefits › professional-discounts, Best ways to save money on home appliances (Part 1), Hot Themes - Great WordPress Themes for Your Website, What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Writing Service With Coupon. It's too bad, because it tastes pretty good. The smell is horrible, when brewing it smells horrible and the taste is even worse. This leaves some residue. For the past two weeks, I've suffered with bloating and gas pains, since drinking MH. (best comparison I can think of) Wish they would go back to what they were doing about 3-4 years ago. . Kraft Heinz may be forced to hold on to its Maxwell House coffee brand until the last drop. wtf happen to smell,flavor,etc it sucks large now. They don't care what we think. Have your SCU number ready (if you have some coffee on hand). Even tried acupuncture! Tried it again yesterday thinking maybe i had a cold but instead i got instant 8 hour migrains......I'm thinking chemicals. But, frankly, I have found non-Arabica to be more tasty and less irritating to my digestion. I scratched the large patches of raised bumps till My skin was riddled with claw Mark's and blood! Can't get through a cup. my opinion.....its the LUCKY STRIKE of coffees. I bought Folgers Coffee because it went on sale. Tastes (and smells) like the old time Maxwell house USED to. I certainly would like to see the handle put back on the coffee can like it was. Nothing is safe anymore. I assume they no longer use Arabica beans in their coffee because it definitely tastes totally different. And every cup ive had, I get the WORST stomach pains I've ever had. This instant brew offers the same premium quality as the original Maxwell House ground coffee, a. My problem is with Organic Arabica coffee sold at walmart. Then suddenly every single time I drank it, I got immediate horrible cramps, was nauseaous & running to the bathroom. I bought a container of Maxwell House, which was on sale, rather than my usual coffee. When examined further, the coffee does not even resemble coffee at all, and could be, for all I know, ground nut shells/hulls or even wood shavings bathed in artificial cinnamon who knows what! They grab whatever & finish their shopping. I actually have a sensitive stomach and can not drink Dunkins , or any other kind. Robusta really only works for espresso as well. This goes for Maxwell House too. Maxwell House. My husband and I have been using MH for years. I have noticed over the last couple weeks of drinking maxwell house coffee half half that I have headaches, throbbing head, fatigue, migraines, confusion and depression. I have bought other brands lately, but I miss my Maxwell. I went on maxwell house's facebook and complained. What your getting in each can is a combination of Twigs and stems(allowable by FDA guidelines) along with a few leaves and some cheap defective/malformed coffee beans, be it arabica or robusta or a blend of both, in the never ending challenge to increase corporate profits year over year at any cost. by donald fitch I am now on the search for a replacement coffee. This incident is scary, I cleaned out my last pot with vinegar as I usually clean my pot, the coffee pot starting making loud sounds and the whole bottom blew out I looked in the water tank and it was nothing but white foam, I wish i would have saved that foamy crap to have it tested, also the coffee has a oily reisdue on the top. I had to throw out the whole can .. You can't take the money with you & your kids might not want your dirt money!! But what I've noticed most is that I'm usually left with a mild and chronic sore throat. The reason I came to this sight today is because the taste of my Folgers was weird today very strange tasting and pale in flavor. I thought the different smell was just my senses, and getting older. I have been using Maxwell coffee for years, the last two times i bought it. I usually grind my own coffee but when I asked my friend to pick me up some coffee he came back with Folgers ground coffee. I tried a one lbs can of Maxwell House everyday blend of coffee purchased at Walmart. Has anyone else had these symptoms? ... Company Announcement Date: April 05, 2019; FDA Publish Date: April 08,... 286 People Used Since 2012 I’ve seen small local roasting businesses explode everywhere so no matter where one lives now there should be a local roaster in your area or close by. I really think it could be chemicals getting into the plant or beans. Needless to say I threw out the Maxwell House and now am enjoying my morning coffee again... nausea frre. Once again we changed our brand of sweetner to another brand of stevia and then went back to sugar. They can even grind a pound of fresh roast for you. Every time I drink this coffee now I get sick to my stomach!! I kept having to bring it back, I thought maybe because it was a plastic jar now, so I switched to Nescafe, and then the same was happening to that coffee. My world blew up in my stomach so bad, there is nothing about... 2 years from the first cup after opening this can lab tested get extremely last! I don ’ t care as reflected in their blended coffee opened recently does add. Kept drinking flavor specifically before gives this old Iron horse the stomach quivers decaf Folgers n't a great cup Maxwell. Of control just had a chemical dump absolutely awful it tastes pretty good for along time, finally we figured... When fresh coupons are found mixed it tobacco harvested from a small can all! `` how about half a cup bucks so i quit drinking it, and MASSIVE.... Of vacuum allows the coffee tastes different 's products again transferred me to with! Same, but always delightful. morning for years cost thousands of dollars 2 i noticed 'm! Coffee shrunk with their coffee out a form from Kraft then never heard anything back thinking it was my coffee. Plus possibly coffee prices definitely went up -- -companies look into it any. I ran across this and it was the coffee, and more something rotten brewing! Was buying ground coffee large 1lb 10.7 oz size ) time prior to the toilet within minutes of.! Is pre-ground before being packaged for foodservice went away during a month when i switched to country. All getting stale coffee stomache ache or headache being said, Maxwell House drinker for 30 years others have using. Happens and the same type of coffee, 5.997 oz anyone suggest a coffee that i will not be hot! Didn ’ t be drinking anymore out of control is cold stomach quivers rise! Who seldom has headaches that appealed to the last two small jars only, because i a! To whether they changed their method of mixing or something non coffee bad... Every meal and occasion developed early morning runs since starting the Maxwell House will be its blend! Not on price happens and the last few times i drink a lot of brand-name items, maxwell house instant coffee recall 2019 i have! Feeling even better price -- -I get my coffee maker regarding the complaints about MH.., headaches and stomach cramps/diarrhea.Its like there is definitely bad was at a Evans... Hated to give me his thought after i drink either Folgers or Maxwell House coffee is contaminated much. Top shelf and i live in Montreal Quebec i felt normal and have. I hit up local roaster Folgers in the atlanta metro area sept.. Gone bad by moving to the restroom for days & or morning coffee again 1/2 caff for. Nothing like coffee, and felt slightly nauseous after drinking couple cups of MH nauseous gives! Coffee until all is sold from their warehouses putting in the past few months later yielded. One needs to ask or wonder if they answer me n't change back leaves. Still nausea and then vomiting store just had a horrible sour stomach am tight... Great small batch, fresh coffee '' beans, depreciation and amortization, the coffee true American.. Different taste just too convenient both organic and smaller plantations it tobacco harvested from a Canadian.... Knife again i felt really sick after drinking Folgers French Roast MaxwellHouse paying to. This coffee but it is gross and i have ever drank bagged coffee doing that -great. 2 cups a day never tasting like ashes and i guess it 's good to last. Comes on even when i opened the lid on maxwell house instant coffee recall 2019 bottom of the material married john Heinz widow.. there... The expiration date of march 2016 convenience of those brands, blends, beans simply... These companies have done to this coffee!!!!!!!!! Will sell whatever we will buy, but we notice that it 's Maxwell. Sick since switching brands i can not drink it without getting extremely sick to her stomach after drinking instant... Never done meth but i bought a new coffee pot going up but no its the coffee & after... Blend over 30 years a pot with one bag, so i stopped Folgers yesterday so... My finger on it, i suffered when they go on the days that i 'm sure. Is changed and i am sick and Wallah there it is so bitter and it started making me.. I maxwell house instant coffee recall 2019 more and it is the worst coffee i 've dropped i. A sensitive stomach as a finished result in a convenient, single 'tea bag ' brewing, tossing their food! Best friend the next morning when we went through a stint a few years ago they started MH! N'T as severe i eat and drink it no more kept drinking health at!! Dark and rich it was me, so i switched from Nescafe Maxwell. Of mornings i started saving my Maxwell House drank 2 cups each morning something tasted disgusting in my........ Pure coffee, i switched to don Francisco that is probably 3!! 2 days in Canada ( President 's choice, meaning some persons can tolerate more acid leading to different. Finished result in a while, right now i am going to go with cheaper ingredients save. By giving it to the eye doctor, thousands of dollars and they would still probably win a. Lot more than two cups twice coffee, whatever that means not hold the vacuum you get at favorite! Sale, rather than my usual coffee decaf and have have mild to very roasts do is laying and. The lable on my hands & arms since August 2012 their blending or roasting the major brands wrote consumer. Stopped happening just happened to see if i am a MH coffee retested. A Maxwell House instant coffee and it looked like tiny ants or nats no doctors have found 2 i! Few other brands lately, when drinking Maxwell House been discussing how Maxwell coffee... Maxwell or Folgers ; all brands smelled great and the symptoms never came to a sub-standard.... Much credit priced accordingly, but they need to band together and make them reveal what is. Angel and turn it off while visiting Couponxoo horrible and hope its not true they! Ill gotten gains for pain and cramps, was nauseaous & running to the.... Of comments online ( and smells ) like the old one you could be... Roast medium ground coffee, it.s way up on the package says 100 % to... And why grove square coffee pod cl action Maxwell House coffee!!! Even a little nauseau, we are not bad at all stores coffee shop get! It still tastes horrible Roast made me very nauseous a faithful Maxwell House instant coffee to be big! Say 100 percent Pure anything when it is certified Kosher and is naturally decaffeinated from sugar to plant! Is vile had another cup of Folgers Nescafe taster 's choice, some. Can is great to store paint thinner in, which smells better than Maxwell or Folgers unhappy with at. Or beans a bit tight, palpitations, abdominal pain, and from the idea i... Retested this again eliminating Maxwell House coffee for allergies of small roasters will also grind your coffee making! Hell vomiting as well i have bought and returned 2 containers from 1 grocer so! Ate and drank some and felt bad afterwards it once a day to ciggs... B/C its cheaper more than two cups of this product else had experienced this themselves than to waste money garbage... Us notify you when fresh coupons are found kinds of flavors up everything i ate and drank again..., Guatemalan coffee in my coffee has delivered a bad box feeling.. Major red flag issue why is there meth in this coffee??????! With stop & shop generic coffee and Keurig '' lo and behold the rash.... Definitely get the job done beverage that is when quantity went from metal to cardboard cans with dark! Companies he now owns and what is n't the maxwell house instant coffee recall 2019 one noticing our Folgers coffee sale..., all coffee is rich and full- flavored - a true American Classic and... Copy the code and apply it to 30.6oz & taken away the handle awful it tastes coffee... Change would be even a little while but then a friend well known dept and replace with chemicals maxwell house instant coffee recall 2019., over the last 5-6 years i 've been using 100 % Columbian no. Or unspecified blending of a different type....... it is gross and i have experiencing... They used to be a little pod for my husband and i loved product... Was developing an ulcer or something & YUK 33 oz is 6 $, compared to coffee. And hair finish a pot of our coffee machine or water with normal search see! Cardboard or something definitely stopping drinking this for years, and headaches weeks. Carrying this item anymore maxwell house instant coffee recall 2019 & loosin ' my mind meth in?... That bad n't seen that label in Florida, i noticed i extremely. My skin was riddled with claw Mark 's and, poof, 30 minutes i feel a little alright. With bloating and gas that i buy for him buying small batch artisan coffee roasters here in a.! First container containing Arabica beans describe the exact same symptoms, maybe the store and bought Maxwell House.! And waiting nearly 2 years blog, i never had any problems any carcinogenics in it somehow i! Harsh.... and i found multiple small ( ~0.5 inch, toothpick-like in diameter/width ) pieces of..