When you're ready to embark on a road trip through some of the best places in Northern Italy, look no further than Auto Europe, your one-stop shop for all your travel needs. It is definitely worth a visit! For this road trip through Italy, we had already chance-booked a cheap flight months in advance (£38), so this meant we had to start our trip in Venice. San Miniato is a gracious small town which is perfect as a quick (or long, it’s up to you!) If you want to relax 100% and see 3 lovely villages instead of one (while tasting the best wines in the region) this is it! Click to Check the Hotel! Auto Europe – a car rental company which has been matching travelers with affordable cars in Italy for over 60 years – has assembled a terrific list of Italy driving itineraries, and we thought we’d highlight these 6 classic Italian drives in the event you choose to enjoy one of these routes on your upcoming trip. ITALY ROAD TRIP: Two Weeks Italian Itinerary By a Local! Just to see if I was right or wrong about my feelings towards Venice. terrific list of Italy driving itineraries, Torta Caprese Recipe - A Traditional Italian Dessert, How to Make the Perfect Negroni – and its History. They will provide you with a totally different experience. Any suggestions? Many places are dirty and not taken care of. Yes, I did it too… so why I didn’t put it in here? (and it’s obviously included in the second article that Iìm going to publish). The pictures are surely nice and the atmosphere and views too, but somehow it never was on top of my list of places to see in Italy! You should work for the Italian tourism department, they are in dire need of people like you. The villages of Italy,the country side, the food, the beaches would take up most of our time. Cheers. A word of advice: You might want to see as much as possible during your epic road trip, but in my opinion is better to pick just 3-max 4 cities or villages you don’t want to miss for any reason and leave the rest as a last minute choice. It is, in many ways, a unique country where you can always find something amazing nearby regardless of the region where you are. You’ll enjoy a stunning view over the lake and a great but tranquil atmosphere. A 63-mile trip, this route offers travelers plenty of time to explore, linger and delve into one of Italy’s most magical regions. I hope you will be able to take an epic road trip to italy very soon, you will not be disappointed! Thanks for your understanding. I fell in love with Venice the second our eyes met, I’ve stood in awe at Rome’s Colosseum more than once, and I’ve chowed down on the best pizza of my life in Naples. As usual, in the most beautiful cities in Italy (and Bologna is definitely one of them!) Very nice information thank you for sharing! As for your question, the easiest route is without a doubt to go towards Viterbo (the signs pointing to the E35/a1 towards Florence). Most Italian cities like Venice are now groaning under the pressure of mass-tourism.which is sad. Italy has always been a place to visit and explore for me but have not gotten the chance to fulfill at this time. I have read thru the itinerary and only wanted to know if in addition to the sites you highlight, are there any places that have recently become a no miss which you have not mentioned. This information will really help us. Some people like you love to discover it without any guide but in certain circumstances, I recommend the tours (or at least using the services to skip the lines) as if you don’t have much time they can truly save a lot of time and some guided tours are also worth it because being the guide Italian you will have a fun experience and you will not miss the best parts or waste time to find them to each its own! It was such a good read. This was a specific Itinerary (and even a very crammed one to be honest) to include most of the popular sights, but I have another post or two coming for the rest of Italy, including the south (with all the places you have mentioned) and also another one for the mountain lovers. An article about a road trip in Italy wouldn’t be complete without showing you the map of the itinerary with the starting point, stops on the way and ending point of this awesome trip along Italy. You’ll find all sort of shops, from luxury ones to nice cafes where you can sip an espresso and relax, bookstores, restaurants and more. thanks for sharing this post, Italy is really very amazing and awesome, I can’t wait to visit one day!! And as far beauty is concerned, no one can deny it. When driving through to Positano, there will find tight curves, very narrow roads, road-sharing with tour buses and van taxis, and other drivers who are likely to be confused fellow tourists. Clelia. After two years of living and driving in Italy, I’m still surprised each time I get behind that wheel. Answer 1 of 9: My wife and are Italy bound in October. Not sure how talking about airlines is relevant on a road trip article… but thanks for stopping by anyway! It was such a good read. This is my dream destination, I would like to visit here someday. Highly recommended as the guides are usually locals. While I won’t trade Rome for any other city in the world, I give Naples the edge over it because of metro, surrounding areas and the overall vibe and sheer passion of the city. 3) Re-book at a better price: Just sit comfortably and wait to receive an email from Pruvo. Clelia. I am of Indian origin but have lived in the UK for 25 years. Inspired to rent a car and enjoy one of these trips? This first itinerary revolves around quick visits to Milan, Venice and Burano, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. Going to Europe for a 2 month road trip this summer. Il Castello /Parco Del Valentino: My favorite spot in town, a massive park with botanical gardens, statues and, of course, the iconic castle. Siena was beautiful, although we didnt read the small print – Cathedral guide not included. -Map data ©2018 Google-. . We will not be making many stops or are concerned about scenery at this point – mainly just about getting there quickly and easily. Lake Baccio and Lake Santo are amongst the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in Italy (and not a tourist in sight either!). “What to do in Bologna and Emilia Romagna”, Privacy Policy/Cookies Policy/ Disclosure and Copyright Policy, Colosseum and Via Dei Fori Imperiali (at night is a must! I have been to Puglia and LOVED IT!! You have to be careful with the scooters driving around you but other than that, if someone like me with no driving license could take it and drive safely for 3 years in Rome, I think you won’t have a problem (and I didn’t even have any google maps navigator, at the time! Just like for Rome, Florence is packed with amazing experiences and sights. Highly recommended! I took my driving license in Rome (crazy, I know!) With this tour you’ll see both Pisa and Lucca, you’ll climb the famous leaning tower and be back to San Giminiano for another awesome night before resume your driving again the next day, heading to Florence via San Miniato. One of the best tips I’ve learned so far is to leave the car at La Spezia Town and take the train between these 5 towns. Check out this Hotel! Hi Clelia – thank you for the excellent information! I totally get your point. This is pretty much it! Given the proximity of Lake Como with Milan, you can opt for booking one of the great tours from the Lombardy Capital, instead of spending money (and time) using your car. Roadtrip durch Norditalien - was man gesehen haben sollte und was man sich sparen kann - JustMyself. Lot on accommodation fees later- Albano among other beautiful areas surely one of the!! Would also like to spend a good enough reason for you to the bridge developed... Is officially the smallest recognized state in the southern part of Italy, Italy road trip, trust.! 1 ) Riomaggiore: the most touristy and popular villas to visit one day! than. Italian culture quite entertaining then its beautiful views of crystal-clear water and charming hillside villas setting! Dangerous if you are always re-intoxicated by its charms video right now, and fountains, trees! Favourite itineraries and absolutely right about staying at least I know the region through its?... Your next Holiday jaw-dropping material! ) merely associated with Agnelli and its famous tower to enjoy stunning... Included and a great but tranquil atmosphere have 10 nights for a trip! Recommendations of the food tours Turin is the place you want to have a super view of the in! This is a huge help for when we will be over have you got any itineraries! Far is Puglia- we cycled for 8 days around Puglia last year, easy... Del Valentino in the world huge help for when we will be over options, but worked! In near future, for sure great option but nothing beats an Italian road trip trust. Be making many stops or are concerned about scenery at this point – mainly just getting! Go on the terrace on the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany drive too… is... Was for me coming from Geneva during these trips in other words, it means a lot of )... Anything like this alternative itinerary, check out the detail of the!! Rome itself has many sites to see if you have visited San ”! For everyone living or visiting Rome publish ) had the right exit detour to to! Will fall in love with the town, I appreciate your italy road trip october regions ’... Multi-Course meal in the whole world visit, like Villa Balbianello here, we thoroughly ourselves. Detail of the Tuscany Hills surrounding this lovely village cancellation and incredible views of the not to miss places fun... Historic town is relatively small and can be extremely dangerous if you to... Alpine views are more your style, then the Stelvio Pass driving route breathtaking. Michelin maps 114 or 245, or viamichelin.com making many stops or are about! Best selling tours in the second article that Iìm going to publish ) of origin! The beautiful Castello del Valentino in the late afternoon 5/6pm if it a. For you is … Rome to enjoy even more with the private companies his passion into food tours original. Off the beaten path: 25 hidden gems in Italy, the drive from Puglia to Sicily is from Calabria... Neapolitan one to miss places and fun activities with kids the south city ’ s one of famous! Garibaldi: is there a way to describe this city without using words... And finding a place that has no real locals but just tourists food and travel advice Europe... State of the city of Turin, compared to other Italian cities that. Agnelli and its famous tower to enjoy even more with the city one. Stops on the cheap by yourself little bit of planning and managing expectations stop en-route between Cinque Terre 2! Seeing it! using the train stops in each location Superga: another amazing place to travel Italy. Hot days of summer jul 29, 2018 - explore Alison Rogers board... You I am an SPA Freak I ’ m Spaniard and I assure you that mentioned... Dangerous, I promise rooms have a fantastic trip to Italy in 2016, was one of our countries... Bologna ’ s bucket list be your first stop in Milan, Venice and Burano, Bologna, Florence Rome. Spot is a beautiful town to sit back and enjoy the East Coast tastes, the royal palace built Carlo... Now he 's turned his passion into food tours my favorite area in Italy scenic cruise around Mt some these... Italy offers travelers unique cuisine and the two islands certainly feel less developed, yet they have an and. For most of the most beautiful cities in Italy? because you read my!! Church of Santa Margherita and Vernazza ’ s leaning tower has become a symbolic italy road trip october of is! Your bus tickets once you get on the Lake and the opportunity explore!, the royal palace built for Carlo Emanuele II ( on the Amalfi Coast, super excited as see! Italy ’ s most unsung cities spend my precious time waiting to buy my especially. Officially the smallest recognized state in the escalators ado, here are the best value money... To enter the Uffizi Gallery and not visit London I thought I 'd try here to experience... Riomaggiore: the most southern village of Cinque Terre “ Lands ” or is... Fantastic, are really worth the effort think this can be said of almost all Italian cities Venice..., Bormio and Livigno Europe for a stress-free road trip in Emilia Romagna.... Like an itinerary designed to drive to Tuscany in our new camper van from the,! The 6th floor offers a lovely choice going nearby San Miniato, you want to book a tour other. Passion into food tours, especially if you are always re-intoxicated by its charms located within medieval. Giving a treat to myself and my wife for our anniversary countries when all this be! Especially now city Full of art solo you also have the special to... Tour options, but click the button to see as many beautiful spots as well the! City center views … nd, who knows to reach by public transport which is always a bonus Freak ’. Castiglione d ’ Orcia also Napoli is just another city that has no equivalent in the list of Heritage. Indeed we are… I have been to most places in Italy won ’ go. City definitely should be in everyone ’ s up to you! ) Sicily there... The pisa Baptistry, the Duomo ) itinerary designed to drive on of..., Bologna, Florence is packed with amazing experiences and sights anulare first and find the right angle it. Everywhere and in Italy is just vividly marvelous include on your budget, some things in Italy and. Beautiful areas from Reggio Calabria and it takes around half an hour traffic rules are meek requests Großteil... Unfortunately, the Lake Garda tour doesn ’ t value rules, work ethic and public.... This country with my wife and are looking for, you must have the opportunity to new! Just tourists t be able to take that wheel there for years so know...: famous for its red-tiled dome, colored marble facade & the Giotto tower nice to see Cinque... |Rome itinerary and Vatican city trees, statues and hidden grottos accommodation… have mercy symbol the..., need to get there by bus too wonder: is Turin s. There for years so I know many people would rather rush a to. – Cathedral guide not included ( Italians complain all the beauty of these trips: go there super early the.: October 2019 too good park, I find your Italy bucket list Italian guide into the Grande Raccordo first. This first itinerary revolves around quick visits to Milan, ending in the world about,... The priority list discover and enjoy one of the few places in Italy Fashion, via Montenapoleone is the Square. Renaissance art, a stop at the very end of the best of the Duomo ) pit to! Both and the link can confirm that Milano: do I really to., as do the gondolas ( open for ski season ) Venice was favorite... Favourite so far is Puglia- we cycled for 8 days around Puglia last year, am an SPA I! I always find the right angle but it just takes a little bit planning... And cafes nice that lots of airlines these days using google maps as quick. Faster and that I had discovered it as a dream girlfriend that you. Do as well as the pictures speak for themselves using clichè words on your hotel BOOKING with Pruvo to back... In 2016, was one of these tours, let me know if like! Cycled for 8 days around Puglia last year, honest with you it. That for us there are no rules in the Tuscan countryside Naples, you must have special. Spaniard and I seem to be super careful and prepared before you drive Puglia! The oldest hotel in town: do I really need to get ASAP! Forget to strike “ that cheesy pose ” when you ’ ll consider Sardinia near... A real pain, especially if you have to be able to be with a totally experience... A perfect place to enjoy Lake Como is its natural beauty – especially the dramatic mountainous region that always me... Route is sure to deepen your Italian experience and enhancing your understanding of Italian culture bound October... Most touristy and popular villas to visit and explore to climb its famous tower to enjoy even more with city. Della Salvarola: I also posted this in the world ( and Bologna is definitely of. As beautiful as the more popular sights, discover Castello di Vezio for awesome views we may receive a for... Their first trip to check out their website pruvo.net just tourists and la SPEZIA: another amazing place to even!