Barren Cross Music
Additional Notes:
Barren Cross Studio Album from 1989. Through this album, Barren Cross won many accolades and awards that year; Barren Cross was named by HM: "Readers Poll Band Of The Year for 1989"; and 'State Of Control' was "1989 Readers Poll Album Of The Year". Furthermore, Bassist Jim LaVerde won "1989 Readers Poll Bassist Of The Year", and Lead Singer Michael Drive (Lee) also received top awards in the following 4 categories: his composition "Stage Of Intensity" won "1989 Readers Poll Song Of The Year". He also won "1989 Readers Poll Singer Of The Year"; "1989 Readers Poll Lyricist Of The Year"; and in that same year, he won "Favorite Lyricist Of The 1980's". (The 2013 new album "Birth Pangs" features "Stage Of Intensity" [Live]; "song of the year").