May 12
RARE, EXCLUSIVE BC PERFORMANCE! - BMI Event Center, Versailles, OH, Sept 3, 2022
BARREN CROSS LIVE - Sat, Sep 3, 2022 BMI Event Center, Versailles, Ohio : : (With): Human Code, Whitecross, Les Carlson (voice of) Bloodgood, Sacred Warrior, Saint, Fear Not, Chaotic Resemblance, Daniel Band, Deny The Fallen, Classic Petra Resurrection. : : 3 Day Event Labor Day Weekend Sep 2,3,4, 2022. Get Your Tickets NOW: BMIEVENTCENTER.COM
Nov 26
Release Of "Birth Pangs" [HD] Video!
The work is complete and the killer performance known as “Birth Pangs” (Barren Cross’ NEW album) - is now a new High Def [HD] Multi-Cam Video as well, to go along with the double album of 18 songs! This is an hour and a half of relentless, dynamic BC! It’s amazing… The quality poured out into this video is partly rooted in the fact that this is one GREAT band! Combined with cool stage lights; songs well executed by it’s talented four original musicians; well written songs; a VERY good sounding audio; and a great front-row visual of the entire performance in High Def [HD], you are going to want to see this!! Start with the official "Preview Trailer" on the "Media" tab at the top of this page. (Set your YouTube playback settings to highest quality).
Nov 18
First New Album in 18 Years: "Birth Pangs"
Featuring the New Single "WHITEWASHED LOVE"  |  All four original members  |  18 Songs - 1 hour 33 minutes of music. “THIS IS ONE OF BC’S MOST POWERFUL AND IMPORTANT PERFORMANCES EVER!  'BIRTH PANGS' EXCELS BARREN CROSS TO NEW HEIGHTS- THIS ALBUM IS MORE THAN EXCITING, IT'S BARREN CROSS AT THEIR FINEST, A SHINING MOMENT FOR THEM!” “BIRTH PANGS IS NOT ‘JUST ANOTHER ALBUM’; IT’S FANTASTIC!” | Barren Cross lead singer/composer, and original founding member, Michael Drive (Lee) says:  “I personally, have never been as excited over an album in it’s performance as I am with Birth Pangs. I would like for EVERY Barren Cross fan to own this, they must hear it; I feel stronger about this concerning Birth Pangs than any other album we have ever released!” Recorded at Elements Of Rock, Switzerland  |  Mixing; Mastering; All Artwork And Graphic Design: Michael Drive (Lee)
Oct 31
All Original Members - BARREN CROSS ...IS BACK !
Barren Cross is now, officially back !   All original members:  Michael Drive (Lee) - Lead Vocals, Guitars  |  Jim LaVerde - Bass, Keyboard Pedals, Backing Vocals  |  Ray Parris - Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals  |  Steve Whitaker - Drums, Backing Vocals.
Oct 14
"Rattle Your Cage" Album Re-Mastered and Re-Released.
"Rattle Your Cage" - BC's most mature and well done studio album. it is Barren Cross' last studio release, a fantastic album with the original members!  It contains new cover artwork and full audio Re-Mastering by Michael Drive (Lee).  Some say this as Barren Cross' BEST studio album.
Oct 01
"Rock For The King" - Special Edition Re-Release - 2013 Re-Master of Original Mix
"Rock For The King" - Barren Cross' GEM of a debut album is the album that (officially) started it all! After making their EP called "Believe" and very quickly selling 4000 copies of it in 1985; the band got signed, recorded 3 more songs, and released "Rock For The King" in 1986.  It is their first official full length release.
Sep 01
Never Before Released Early BC Demos - Heard For The First Time.
These are Barren Cross' very first known recordings as a young band; and the songs would already show how great of a band 'BC' would become.  These gems have been completely restored and re-mastered.
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